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Stockholms tjejjour

Stockholms tjejjour is a feminist support organisation that provides support through chat, email, phone calls or meetings. The organisation was founded in 1996 and was Sweden’s first helpline for young women. Therefore, we have extensive experience of supporting young women on their own terms. This means that you can always remain anonymous and that we operate under rules of strict confidentiality. Our support staff are volunteers and are not trained psychologists or public officials, but are there to support you as fellow human beings.

Young women supporting young women

What kind of support is available?

We are here for you, irrespective of what it involves, be it big or small. You can talk about anything you want, for example if you are sad or lonely, or have been subjected to violence, sexual assault or harassment. We are here to listen to you, and we are always on your side. You have the right to remain anonymous and we operate under rules of strict confidentiality. You can talk to us through our chat, on the phone or email us. You are welcome to contact us.  


How to contact us to get support in your language

Email us and write “stöd på engelska” (support in English) in the subject line and you will receive an answer from one of our English-speaking support staff. Together, you will agree on a date, a time and whether you want to chat, talk on the phone, email or meet in person.

Email address: kontakt@stockholmstjejjour.nu

Have you booked an appointment on our chat?  Go to the chat here


Our target audience

The concept of Stockholms tjejjour is that we are young women supporting other young women. The young women who provide support and those who receive it at Stockholms tjejjour have a shared experience of being oppressed because they are women. So, anyone who self-defines as a young woman is included in our target audience. At Stockholms tjejjour, gender is not really all that important. But as long as people are being treated differently because of their gender and gender identity, we believe that we need separate forums for different experiences of oppression.


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