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About Tjejjouren Härnösand

Tjejjouren Härnösand was founded at the beginning of 2020 and is a politically and religiously independent non-profit association with feminism as the foundation of values. We listen to, support and empower young girls and non-binary in our chatt, as well as spread knowledge about equality, norms and feminism. We also work with external activities, for example organizing lectures and visiting schools.


Need support while our chat is closed?

Do you need support while our chat is closed, or du you want to find information about something specific? Here we have collected a few good websites and phone numbers using with the English language (some can be translated into other languages as well). 

Call 112 if you are in danger or if it's an emergency

Brottsofferjouren.se/en/ - Helps victims of crime, witnesses and affected relatives.

Jagvillveta.se/sprakversioner - Here are information brochures about being subjected to crime. The information brochures are available in several different languages. All brochures can be downloaded and some of them can also be ordered as printed material.

Kollpasoc.se/en/ - Information about Swedish social services for those who are under 21 years old. Information is available in arabic as well.

Mind.se/other-languages/ - Provides some of their content in other languages. They cover the most common psychiatric and neuropsychiatric diagnoses as well as facts about related conditions and concepts that may be associated with mental illness, such as self-harm, suicidal thoughts, abuse and grief.

Transammans.se/english/ - Transammans is an association for trans people and their families (chosen or otherwise). They work for the rights of trans people and create change through support, influence and education.

Ungarelationer.se/en/ - Offers support and information if you are up 20 and are experiencing abuse in your relationship, or have a friend who is, or are you abusing someone. The abuse may be ongoing or it may have happened sometime in the past.

Youmo.se/en/ - Information for young persons from 13 to 20 years of age, about body, sex and health. You can also read about equality, your rights and how you can find help to improve your well-being. They also have information in Arabic, Dari, Somali, Swedish or Tigrinya. You will also find information on how to contact all the youth guidance centres in Sweden.